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Pregnancy Care Management

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“Working Together to Improve the Health of Mothers and Babies” 

The Obstetrics Care Management Program also known as OBCM is comprised of a group of dedicated and passionate social workers and nurses.

OBCM Picture1The team of social workers and nurses are also known as care managers. Care managers meet the needs of pregnant women in Durham County who are Medicaid recipients with certain health or social criteria that are at risk to have poor birth outcomes.

Care managers work collaboratively with prenatal care providers to assure that both mom and baby experience healthy pregnancy and birth outcome.

Participants work very closely with an assigned care manager throughout her pregnancy. The OBCM works with mom to connect her with the appropriate community resources that will ensure a positive impact on her pregnancy.

How does it Work?

At your first visit, your provider will complete a pregnancy risk screening in order to identify if you have any problems that may prevent you from having a healthy baby. 

You may be at risk if you:  

· Have a history of pre-term labor
· Have a history of low birth weight
· Are pregnant with more than one baby 
· Have an unsafe living environment
· Have started prenatal care late
· Have missed two or more prenatal appointments
· Have been to the hospital during the pregnancy 
· Have fetal complications    

Your Pregnancy Care Manager (Nurse or Social Worker) will assist you by:

· Working closely with you and your doctor to meet all your needs

· Helping you get services you may need like transportation, food, medical care, or housing

· Meeting with you after you have been in the hospital or emergency room to see how you are doing 

· Making appointments 

· Arranging referrals to other programs such as WIC, Medicaid, and Family Planning

· Answering any questions you may have 

Your care manager will talk with you on the phone, meet you at your prenatal visits, or meet you in your home or at a location that is convenient for you. 

Pregnancy Care Management is provided at no cost and participation is voluntary.