First Visit (Nurse)

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Prenatal ServicesCongratulations on your pregnancy!

We have scheduled your first prenatal visit at the Durham County Department of Public Health Prenatal Clinic.

Your first visit is a busy one and will include the following activities:

  • Review your Medical History with a clinic nurse
  • Sign consent forms for medical tests and screenings
  • Prenatal lab work
  • Enroll into additional prenatal services that include:

            -Duke Family Care Program
            -WIC- Women, Infant and Children (WIC)
            -Dental Services for pregnant women
            -Childbirth ( Lamaze classes)
            -Pregnancy Management Care Program

  • Schedule your next appointment that will include a physical exam by a nurse-midwife, or physician

On your first visit, please check in at Registration - Clinic #1

If you can, please print this packet, complete it, and bring it with you.

(Orientation Packet English / Spanish)

You will be seen by a nurse who will:

  • Do a pregnancy test – (If you have already had one done at another doctor’s office or hospital, please bring documentation).
  • Obtain your medical history.
  • Familiarize you with our services.
  • Schedule your next appointment (Orientation).
  • Give you a prenatal vitamin prescription.

If you are transferring care from another clinic, we will need your medical records from them. Please bring that clinics phone number and fax number when you come to your first appointment with us. You will also need to sign a medical release form to give us permission to obtain your records.