Centering Pregnancy

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The Centering Model

The term "Centering" comes from the belief that health care should be centered or focused on the individuals participating  in the care experience at any given time. This includes the individual patient, group, and clinical care providers.

Centering is a team approach to care that actively engages patients in goal-setting, skill-building, and peer support.

The Centering model of care brings people together who share common goals, but their personal preferences and values make each group unique.

Beginning during the second trimester, the Centering model is designed to extend to delivery. It integrates three major components of care: health assessment, education, and support.

Why Should I Choose Centering?

By choosing Centering as your method of prenatal care, you will have the advantage of:

  • Knowing the dates of your appointment from the start.
  • Seeing the same midwife throughout your pregnancy
  • Learning more about your health, your pregnancy, and newborn care
  • Learning how to take your own blood pressure
  • Reducing the risk of having your baby early
  • Feeling more prepared for labor, birth, and parenthood.

Also, you will have the peace of mind of knowing:

  • Your group visit will start and end on time
  • You will have private time with the midwife at every visit

Who is in my Centering Group?

Your Centering prenatal visits take place in a group of 8 to 12 women, who are due to have their babies around the same time as you.

Your group will meet every four weeks until the third trimester. During the third trimester, your group will then meet every two weeks.

How Can I Find Out More About Centering?

For more information or to sign up for group prenatal care, you can:

  • Speak to a nurse or midwife in the Women's Health clinic
  • Call the Women's Health clinic at 919-560-7732
  • Visit the Centering Healthcare Institute website at