Family Planning

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Services Include:  

Payment Options:


• Annual and Post-Partum examinations for women including pap smears, breast exams, and sexually transmitted infections testing as indicated. 

• Counseling on Birth Control Methods and STI prevention.

• Emergency Contraception and counseling.

• Pregnancy testing and counseling.

• Abnormal pap smear follow-up and colposcopy.

• Weight management through our nutrition clinic.

• Counseling on Tubal Ligations and Vasectomies and access to the NC Regional Vasectomy program. 


Medicaid and Family Planning Waiver are accepted. All other patients will be charged based on a sliding scale fee. Your income and family size will determine your fee. We do not accept private insurance carriers. Please bring your Medicaid card and/or proof of your household income with you to your appointment. 

For information in English and Spanish on how to apply for Family Planning Waiver Medicaid, visit this page