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Family Planning Services

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What is Family Planning?

The goal of Family Planning is to provide education, counseling, and birth control methods to decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies or to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Services are available to women from the time they start their first period until menopause as long as they have not had a tubal ligation (tubes tied) or a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus).  All of our services are confidential and it is important to us that our clinic is welcoming and comfortable for all of our patients. We are an all-female staff with many years of experience in women’s health. 

Birth Control Methods Available:

Patches (only through outside pharmacies)
Depo injectionMirena IUD
Paragard IUD
Nexplanon implant

For more information about and pictures of birth control methods you can go to Bedsider; they have a site in English   and one in Spanish

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