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The Durham County Department of Public Health would like to assist you in starting PrEP for HIV prevention. We offer FREE testing and referral to a PrEP prescriber.

We are partnered with 3 local PrEP providers.

If you would like to make an appointment for PrEP screening and counseling, please call 919-560-8819 and leave a message with your name, date of birth and telephone number. A staff member will return your call shortly to schedule your appointment. The screening visit and the lab tests are free of charge. After you are tested, you will make a second appointment with a PrEP prescriber.

One of our PrEP partners is in Clinic 7 of the Durham County Health and Humans Services Building (next door to Clinic 6, where your first appointment will be.)

See below for the steps to start PrEP with the Durham County Health Department:

  1. Call 919-560-8819 for an appointment for FREE STI/HIV testing at the Durham Health Department
  2. During your Health Department visit, you will make an appointment with the PrEP prescriber of your choice.
  3. Results will be shared with your PrEP provider with your permission
  4. Attend appointment with your PrEP prescriber
  5. Start PrEP