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Frequently Asked Questions About STD

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  • 1. Is there a charge for STI services?

    No. STI and HIV testing is provided free of charge.

  • 2. What do I need to bring to be seen in the STI Clinic?

    The Durham County Health Department will not deny STI/HIV testing services to any person requesting them due to lack of documentation. If available, we kindly request identification, proof of income and proof of insurance.

  • 3. How long will my visit last?

    The Testing Only service will require 30 minutes or less. The STI Clinician visit will require about 1 hour. You should schedule enough time to include the registration process and laboratory services.

  • 4. Can I make an appointment?

    Our Testing Only and STI Clinician visits are provided on a walk-in basis only. We advise you to arrive in the morning to obtain a same day appointment with a Clinician. Testing Only services are available throughout the day. If you require treatment for a positive STI or are interested in HIV PrEP, you can schedule an appointment by calling919-560-8819

  • 5. Is my visit private?

    Your confidentiality is our first priority. Some communicable diseases are confidentially reportable by Federal and State laws. If you test positive for HIV or syphilis you may be contacted by a local or State Disease Intervention Specialist. Your privacy will be maintained by all providers that handle your information.

  • 6. I’m under 18, do I need my parent’s permission to be seen in the STI Clinic?

    North Carolina law allows minors to consent for themselves for STI/HIV testing services.

  • 7. How can I get my STI/HIV test results?

    The clinic will contact any person who tests positive for an STI or HIV. Make sure you update your contact information at every visit. If you would like to obtain negative test results you may ask registration staff to activate patient portal access that will allow you to view most test results. You may also leave a message for test results at 919-560-8819. To obtain paper copies of test results, please return to Clinic 6 and see a counselor.

  • 8. I’m scared to come alone, can my friend come with me during my visit?

    While you are welcome to come to the clinic with a friend, partner or family member, all STI visits will be conducted with only the patient present to ensure confidentiality (unless language interpretation is requested).

  • 9. If I need medicine, how much does it cost?

    The DCoDPH provides certain STI medications free of charge. Other medications may be available at a reduced rate based on your income. See the pharmacy page for more information.

  • 10. I tested positive for an STI at another location, can I get treatment at the DCoDPH?

    Please call 919-560-8819to schedule an appointment for treatment. Please bring any documentation of your test results from you doctor with you to your visit.

  • 11. What are sexually transmitted diseases?

    STDs are infections that spread through intimate heterosexual or homosexual contact. Anyone who has sexual contact with someone who is infected can get a sexually transmitted disease.

  • 12. Can STDs be cured?

    Depending on the type of STD, treatment is available. Many STDs can be cured. In some cases, the infection can be controlled but not cured. It is essential to treat all infected or exposed sex partners before resuming sexual relations. Otherwise, the cycle of infection will continue.

  • 13. Why is it important to know about STDs?

    STDs can have serious consequences, including infertility, adverse effects on unborn children, and even death. It is important to diagnose and treat STDs, both to preserve the health of the individual and to prevent the spread of disease to others.

  • 14. Where can I get tested for STDs?

    In Clinic 6 at Durham County Public Health