Additional STI Testing

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Additional testing may be available with the STI Clinician (Doctor, Nurse, NP, etc..). These tests are not available through Testing Only.*


Testing is done by taking a sample (culture) of a sore or blister. Blood testing for herpes is not available. You must have a sore or blister to be tested.

Trichomoniasis (Trich)

We are only able to test women for this STI. Symptoms may include: a change or increase in vaginal discharge, itching, odor.

Genital Warts (HPV)

 Diagnosed visually by STI Clinician. You must have active symptoms (bump, sore, etc..). We do not test for HPV.

Hepatitis C

Testing is available through any service.

Consider testing for Hepatitis C if:

  • You were born between 1945-1965.
  • You use or have ever used needles to inject drugs, even if you only did this one time or did it years ago.
  • Have a sex partner who has Hepatitis C.
  • You are HIV positive.

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