Safe Syringe Program

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 safe syringesThe Durham County Department of Public Health
(DCoDPH) pharmacy offers free sterile syringes and
naloxone kits as part of our ongoing efforts to promote
sexual health and to help combat the opioid epidemic
within Durham County.

Through our Safe Syringe Program (SSP), Durham residents may visit our pharmacy or mobile-site locations throughout the community to confidentially receive free syringe kits
and to safely dispose of used needles. Participants may
also receive free HIV and Hepatitis C testing as well as
mental health and substance use services. The SSP,
designed to address and alleviate the spread of HIV and other STIs in our communities, provided 1,620 clean syringes and safely disposed of more than 12,000 used syringes last year.

The program also provides free naloxone kits to individuals and organizations. Any individual may visit our pharmacy during regular business hours to pick up a naloxone kit, used to reverse an opioid overdose in an emergency situation. Organizations that promote scientifically proven ways of mitigating health risks associated with substance use disorders and other high-risk behaviors are also eligible to receive free kits.

“Our Safe Syringe Program is improving the health of our participants and providing a safe and secure option for needle disposal in our communities,” said Katie Mallette, DCoDPH Allied Health Division Director. “We are pleased with the program’s progress, and we’re exploring additional ways to expand our services.

The pharmacy worked in collaboration with our Health Education & Community Transformation division to launch the SSP in April 2018, based on guidance and program requirements from the NC Division of Public Health. All SSP services are provided anonymously and free of charge.

To learn more about this program or other pharmacy services, call (919) 560-7632.