Pharmacy FAQ

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  • I can only leave work at lunch time to pick up my meds. When are you open?

    Our hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. We do not close during lunch time.

  • My mom will pick up my prescription for me. Is that okay?

    Any person picking up your prescription must know your date of birth for it to be released.

  • Do I have to be there to get a refill?

    Refills can be made in person or over the phone. To refill by phone, call 919-560-7632, and tell us your prescription number; or give us your name and date of birth.

  • I got some medicine from you 2 years ago. Can I still get that?

    Prescriptions are only good for 1 year from the date they were written. After a year, a new prescription is needed.

  • Do the prescriptions cost anything?

    It depends on the clinic you visit. Some communicable diseases are treated with state-funded medicine, which is no cost to you. Otherwise, fees are determined by income. Depending on how much your take-home pay is, the medication will be a percentage of the cost of the drug.

  • My mom passed away, and she has all this medicine lying around. Can you dispose of them?

    Unwanted or expired drugs can be disposed of  through the drug drop box located in the lobby by the the Main Street front entrance.  

    Other locations are at: Durham County Courthouse at 510 South Dillard Street5285 North Roxboro Road; 8 Consultant Place; and 505 West Chapel Hill Street.

  • I have tons of meds I’ve never opened. Can you guys use them?

    Federal law does not allow us to dispense drugs that have not been purchased through FDA-approved sources.

  • I picked up my prescription from you last week, but I don’t need it anymore. Can I give it back?

    Federal law does not allow us to return prescription drugs back to our inventory once it leaves our possession.

  • I just got out of the Emergency Room from the hospital and they gave me a prescription. Can I fill it here?

    We are only able to fill prescriptions written in our in-house clinics (Family Planning, Women’s Health, STI, TB, Dental).

  • Lincoln Community Center has a clinic in your building. I got a prescription from there. Can I pick it up from you guys?

    Prescriptions from Lincoln Community Health Center are filled at the Lincoln Pharmacy located at 1301 Fayetteville Road.

  • I have a question about my ADAP medicine from Walgreens. Who can I talk to?

    The ADAP program from Lincoln Community Health Center is managed by Tonya Del Soldato. She can be reached at 919-560-7668.

  • Your pharmacy is too far. Can I get the prescription transferred to a pharmacy near me?

    You can transfer a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Have that pharmacy call our pharmacy to make the transfer. Keep in mind, if your medicine was at no cost or was at a reduced price in our pharmacy, you will likely pay full price at a different pharmacy.