FAQ about the DC0DPH Laboratory

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Q.  Can I stop by the Lab to get my test results?

No, you can only get your results from the clinic where you were seen.


Q. Does the Lab draw blood for pregnancy tests?

A. No, DCoDPH only performs urine pregnancy tests.

Q. Why have I been waiting to have my blood drawn while another patient who just walked in is being seen before me?

A. Some patients have tests that require blood to be drawn at a specific time.

Q. Are my test results and health information kept confidential?

A. Yes, it is against the law for health care workers to discuss patient information, including test results. DCoDPH follows all HIPAA requirements to protect patient information.

Q. Can I come to the Lab after work?

A. Yes, the Lab is open later on Tuesday to see patients who have appointments in Clinic 6.