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Project BUILD Services

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Project BUILD services are individualized to meet the needs of each youth. We provide wrap-around care coordination that supports all aspects of each youth's life, including:

  • One-to-one mentoring and support from program staff.
  • Connections to appropriate educational services and ongoing support for school success.
  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining employment.
  • Group therapy and skill development sessions.
  • Opportunities for participation in pro-social, recreational and personal growth activities.
  • Coordination of educational, social service, mental health, substance abuse, and employment services.

Project BUILD Services

Street Outreach Workers

Project BUILD includes a team of dedicated and experienced street outreach workers who provide one-to-one mentoring, behavioral coaching, support, and assistance to high-risk and gang-involved participants. Project BUILD’s outreach personnel meet regularly with youth and parents at home, school, or in other community locations to conduct needs assessments, help participants identify personal goals, and build ongoing relationships with youth and their families in order to provide ongoing support for their educational, employment, social, and personal development goals.

Multidisciplinary Intervention Team

Youth served by Project BUILD are case managed by a Multidisciplinary Intervention Team composed of representatives from education, social service, employment, mental health, substance abuse, and criminal justice agencies. The Intervention Team coordinates service delivery for youth and families, and allows Project BUILD to provide advocacy and support for youth and families who are involved with multiple systems of care. This team approach allows Project BUILD personnel to respond quickly and meaningfully to youth and family needs, including crisis scenarios, with appropriate resources and assistance.

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