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What We Do

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Bull City United follows the Cure Violence model, an evidence-based model that has reduced shootings and killings in over 50 communities around the world.

Bull City United personnel treat violence as a learned behavior that can be changed by using effective public health strategies. We use a three-pronged public health approach that includes:

  • Detection and Interruption - Trained violence interrupters and outreach workers aim to prevent shootings by identifying and mediating potentially lethal conflicts in the community and following up to ensure that the conflict does not re-ignite.
  • Behavior Change - Trained outreach workers identify and work with the highest risk individuals, those likely to shoot or be shot, in an effort to help them disengage from violence. These team members work one on one with affected individuals to help them understand the costs of violence, and connect them with resources such as jobs, education, and other necessary services.
  • Changing Community Norms - Bull City United interrupters and outreach workers engage the community to get involved by conveying the message that violence is not normal and violent behavior can be changed. Educational materials and events are used to facilitate behavior change, promote non-violence, and carry messages about the consequences of shootings and killing.

Where We Work

In Durham, Bull City United team members are integrated into two specific neighborhoods:

  • McDougald Terrace Housing Community and surrounding neighborhoods (Census Tract 1400)
  • Southside neighborhood (Census Tract 1301)

Bull City United team members also work to mediate conflicts in surrounding neighborhoods where they may have influence, in order to successfully prevent retaliatory shootings.