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Bull City United is a movement of people composed of empowered community members, the faith community, businesses, and policymakers who understand that violence is a problem behavior that can be changed. Together, we can bring a message of hope and a model for ending violence in our community.

Through regularly scheduled events, like the Week of Peace, peace rallies, shooting responses, and community activities, all Durham community members can get involved in promoting the message that "Peace is a Lifestyle."

Here are a few ways that you can get involved:

  • Connect with Bull City United on Twitter and/or Facebook. We use social media to keep community members informed about planned activities and events, and to keep you up to date on our work.
  • Tell your friends and neighbors about Bull City United.
  • Participate in community peace events and activities.
  • Display Bull City United posters, stickers & fliers to promote peace.
  • Volunteer at peace events and activities.