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Health Education

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The Health Education and Community Transformation Division provides a variety of learning opportunities that encourage voluntary adoption of behaviors and supports policies and changes to the environment that promote health and prevent disease and disability.

Health education services are provided through the following program areas:

 exe  Physical Activity  
 Regular physical activity is important for your overall health and fitness. Here you will find more information about physical activity and how it can help you achieve or maintain a healthier lifestyle.
 cgar  Tobacco Cessation  
 It's never too late to quit! Find resources that will assist you onyour journey to quit tobacco.
 webin  Health Management  
 A primary focus of our program is to prevent disease and illness and to encourage the management of existing health conditions.
 brain  Stress Management  
 Everyone feels stressed from time to time and that can impact our health. Find out how your Public Health can help you.
 pregna  Pregnancy & Parenting  
 We provide information, webinars and live sessions training on pregnancy and parenting, Lamaze classes including how to prevent teen pregnancy.
 eat  Healthy Eating  
 Part of living a healthy lifestyle is making sure we healthy food choices. When certain standards are not followed, people end up with conditions such as diabetes, and obesity. We provide programs on how to have healthy style and good living conditions.

Some of programs are: