Fee Schedule

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 Well Permit         $425.00
 Well Repair Permit   No Fee
 Bacteriological Sample (Total Coliform/E-coli)    $135.00
 Inorganic Water Sample (includes Nitrate/Nitrite)    $135.00
 Pesticide Water Sample    $135.00
 Petroleum Water Sample    $135.00
 Application for Improvement Permit (2 acre limit)**    $250.00
 Improvement Permit Revisit    $100.00
 Engineered Option Permit (aka EOP)    $150.00
 Construction Authorization Type I & II    $200.00
 Construction Authorization Type III    $350.00
 Construction Authorization Type IV/V/VI System    $525.00
 Appeal Charge within 1 year of orig. eval.    $200.00
 Appeal of Permit Condition     $200.00
 Wastewater System Reconnection Permit    $200.00
 Application for Structural Alterations/Additions (no design flow increase)    $100.00
 Type V/VI Operational Permit Renewal Fee (every 5 years)    $50.00
 Swimming Pool, Wading Pool or Spa Permit (seasonal or year-round)    $350.00
 Pool Plan Review (does not include permit)    $350.00
 Pool Permit Inspection Revisit     $100.00
 Tattoo Artist Permit Application    $300
 Tattoo: Temporary/Apprentice Tattoo Artist Permit    $150
 Food Service Plan Review Application     $250.00
 Existing Food Establishment Plan Review    $150.00
 Mobile Food Unit/Push Cart/Catering     $200.00
 Temporary Food Event Permit    $75.00
 LFSE (limited foodservice establishment)     $75.00


**Tracts of land greater than 2 acres that have been previously evaluated by a licensed soil scientist and a sealed report submitted will be charged $200.00. However, only the area specified by the consultant will be evaluated.

*We accept VISA/MASTERCARDS or Checks. Online payment available by request. Please notify us when you submit your application. 

 cards checks

* Please make checks payable to Durham County Department of Public Health and return to:

Attn: Environmental Health Division 414 E. Main St. Durham, NC 27701.

Inorganic Water Sample (includes Nitrate/Nitrite)
Inorganic Water Sample (includes Nitrate/Nitrite)