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The Count On Me NC program is focused on providing the necessary knowledge and information needed to manage COVID-19 within businesses as restrictions are relaxed. These free courses provide a consistent approach based on state and national guidelines. The voluntary program is designed to incorporate the best available science in social and physical distancing, employee health and cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection and is presented in an easy format in both English and Spanish. Each of these short training sessions are under 30 minutes and delivered online in an engaging and interactive format.

Participating businesses will be recognized on the website

There are five courses offered as of May 28th including restaurant manager, front of house, back of house, and general training that applies to all business types.

The recommendations will continue to change and there will be updates. The State plans to email any changes out to those who have completed the course and make nightly changes to the course content as needed.  We also are adding to the resources available, which should now include the compliance checklist and the symptom screening questionnaire.  


 Count On Me NC Compliance Checklist

 Count On Me NC
Compliance Checklist

If you have lodging, pools, tattoo artists, or other facilities that are interested in some sort of training or participating in the program, the general courses are intended for them.  These courses consist of general business guidelines as well as some specific information for some of these different types of businesses.