COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID-19 Safer-At-Home Order Questions

View the Safer-At-Home Order here.

What's in the latest Order?
Why is the Durham Order different from the state's?
What does it mean for businesses to “self-certify?
How will the self-certification process work? Is there a form or statement that businesses much use or post?
Although the self-certification process is based on trust that businesses will comply, is there enforcement and to whom should noncompliance be reported?

Face Covering Questions

What is a cloth face covering?
When should I wear a cloth face covering?
What's the correct way to wear a cloth face covering?
How should I care for a cloth face covering?
How well do cloth face coverings work to prevent spread of COVID-19?
Do I need to wear a face covering while exercising or walking outdoors?
Should children wear cloth face coverings?

COVID-19 General Questions

I am a medical provider. How should I report cases of COVID-19?
Where can I find COVID case data?
Where can I find COVID testing totals?
Should I wear a mask?
Should I get tested?
What are symptoms of COVID-19?
Where can I get tested?
Are certain groups at higher risk of serious illness?
How can I protect myself from COVID-19?
How many people have been tested in NC?
How will I know if someone near me has tested positive for COVID-19?
I am a medical provider or a community member. How can I help?
Where can I find accurate, up-to-date information?