To Report a Communicable Disease:
FAX: (919) 560-7716 |
PHONES: Cathi Hines (919) 560-7896
Ponice Moore Bryant (919) 560-7886

Communicable Diseases FAQ

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FLU VACCINEs(2)Communicable Diseases Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where can I find the form to report a communicable disease?

  • Where can I find the list of communicable diseases that are reportable?

  • Where should I send the form?

    Please send forms that are filled out in their entirety.
    Fax to: (919) 560-7828
    attn.: Cathi Hines, Communicable Disease


  • Should I send anything with the form?

    If you have laboratory reports or recent office visit notes, please send those with the form.

  • Who should I call if I have questions?

    You can call Cathi Hines
    (919) 560-7896

  • What about HIPAA?

    For communicable disease, the HIPAA privacy law allows for the release of information to a Communicable Disease Nurse from Durham County Public Health over the phone or by fax without a faxed or written request.

  • Why should communicable diseases be reported?

    Reporting cases of communicable diseases and related conditions has been and remains a vital step in controlling and preventing the spread of communicable disease. These reports are useful in many ways, including assurance of provision of appropriate medical therapy (eg, for tuberculosis), detection of common-source outbreaks (eg, in food-borne outbreaks), and planning and evaluating prevention and control programs (eg, for vaccine-preventable diseases). Durham County monitors for approximately 78 communicable diseases that can potentially threaten the population.

  • What communicable diseases and conditions are reportable in North Carolina?

    The NC Commission for Health Services establishes the list of reportable communicable diseases and conditions. North Carolina's list of reportable diseases and the timeframes in which they are required to be reported to DPH is specified in the N.C. Administrative Code rule (10A NCAC 41A .0101; Communicable Disease Manual). It also appears as an attachment to the communicable disease report form.

  • Who is required to make the communicable disease reports?

    NC law requires the following people to make reports to the local health director/health department:
    · Physicians
    · School principals and child care operators
    · Operators of restaurants/other food or drink establishments
    · Persons in charge of laboratories

  • What are control measures for communicable diseases?

    Control measures are actions or activities that, when fully and correctly implemented, can decrease the risk of transmission of communicable disease. Control measures may differ depending on the specific communicable disease and route of transmission (ie: airborne, bloodborne, fecal-oral, sexual).

  • How do I report a communicable disease to the Durham County Department of Public Health?

    Complete Part I of the Confidential Communicable Disease Report form and fax it, along with pertinent clinical information and records, to the Durham County Department of Public Health at 919-560-7716. If you have questions about reporting a communicable disease or condition, please call the health department Communicable Disease Nurse: Cathi Hines at 919-560-7896 or Communicable Disease Supervisor: Ponice Moore Bryant at 919-560-7886.

  • How does the Durham County Department of Public Health report cases of communicable disease to the state?

    The Durham County Department of Public Health reports all cases of communicable disease to the NC Division of Public Health through use of the North Carolina Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NC EDSS). NC EDSS is a web-based surveillance and reporting system used across the state by all local health departments, Regional HIV/STD offices, and the Department of Environmental Health and Natural Resources (DENR).

To Report a Communicable Disease:
FAX: (919) 560-7716 |
PHONES: Cathi Hines (919) 560-7896 or
                Ponice Moore Bryant (919) 560-7886