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This page is a resource for Triple P practitioners based in the following counties: Durham, Orange, Chatham, Alamance, Guilford, Randolph, Rockingham, Caswell, and Person. Here you will find reporting resources and links, training interest form and application for training, our latest newsletters, and more.  
Tools to Collect and Report Data to Regional Coordinators
Evaluation Manuals

These evaluation manuals will guide you through the Triple P evaluation process by providing detailed information regarding reporting deadlines, what reporting is expected of practitioners, what reporting is optional, and how to submit data. Manuals have been developed for each Triple P intervention level.

Please choose the manual below that corresponds with the Triple P level that you are delivering.

Level 2 Brief Primary Care Evaluation Manual            
Level 2 Selected Seminar Evaluation Manual
Level 3 Primary Care Evaluation Manual                     
Level 3 Discussion Group Evaluation Manual
Level 4 Standard and Level 5 Evaluation Manual

Reporting Tools

When you provide a Triple P intervention to a caregiver, we ask that you record some information about that intervention and that caregiver. You may submit that information to us either via email, fax, or electronic survey links. If you would like to submit via email or fax, please print off and fill out the appropriate documents in the left side of the table and submit them to or (919)-560-7753. If you prefer to submit via survey, please click on the appropriate link on the right side of the table.

Some Triple P interventions use the same evaluation tools which is why you will see multiple Triple P intervention types listed for the same tool.

I want to report a Level 2 Brief Primary Care intervention:

 Level 2 Brief Primary  Print, Fill by Hand, Submit E-Survey Link 
 Caregiver Report (Choose only one method)  Individual
 Log (Multiple)
Caregiver Satisfaction Questionnaire (Optional)  English CSQ 
Quarterly Practitioner Survey (ALL!)  N/A

I want to report a Level 3 Primary Care intervention:

 Level 3 Primary Care Print, Fill by Hand, Submit   E-Survey Link
 Caregiver Report (Choose only one method)  Individual
 Log (Multiple)
 Parenting Experience Pre- and Post- Surveys  Pre-Test           N/A
 Post-Test           N/A
 Caregiver Satisfaction Questionnaire (Optional)  CSQ
 Quarterly Practitioner Survey (ALL!)  N/A


I want to submit a Level 4 Standard or Level 5 Intervention

 Level 4 Standard & Level 5  Print, Fill by Hand, Submit E-Survey Link 
 Caregiver Report  L4/5 Caregiver Report
 Assessments (Parenting Scale, SDQ, EBCI, etc.)  Assessment Scores  N/A
 Caregiver Satisfaction Questionnaire (Optional)  CSQ 
 Quarterly Practitioner Survey (ALL!)  N/A

I want to submit a Level 2 Seminar or Level 3 Discussion Group Intervention

   Level 2 Selected Seminar  Level 3 Discussion Group
 Sign-In Sheet  Seminar Sign-In   Discussion Group Sign-In Sheet
 Satisfaction Questionnaire  Seminar Questionnaire  Discussion Group Questionnaire
 Quarterly Practitioner Survey (ALL!)


Contact America Allen for questions and data submissions.