Durham Joins Together

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North Carolina Local Governments and the Opioid Crisis: 
A Collective Impact Approach to Making Policy and Changing Lives.

Prescription medsThe UNC School of Government and Blue Cross NC will provide the following to each participating community: five regional forums at which teams will form goals, set plans for implementation, collaborate across fields and jurisdictions, and learn from experts on opioid-related issues; School of Government support throughout the process; $10,000 in year one and $10,000 in implementation funding for the project in year two. Each community selected will contribute a committed team representing multiple departments, jurisdictions, and/or organizations that will invest the time, energy, and work needed to achieve team goals.

 Durham Joins Together (DJT) to Save Lives  

 Co-Chair Wendy Jacobs,
Chair Durham Board of County Commissioners
Co-Chair Dr. Wanda Boone, CEO
Together for Resilient Youth


Committee Co-Chairs

Mental Health/Treatment - Cindy Haynes and Dr. Ashwin Patkar
Medically Assisted Treatment, Peer Support post ED and Post-Release
Prevention/Education – Dr. Angeloe Burch and Dr. Wanda Boone

DJT1Use the culturally competent Seven Strategies for Community Change to prevent all forms of substance use, initiate community peer support and support parents that have lost family members due to substance use. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience.

Data – Michelle Easter and Ryan Bell
Provide updates on Injury Prevention Branch county level data, Provide data on the impact of opioids (overdose) on the African American Community.  

Policy – Wendy Jacobs, Dr. Wanda Boone and Gayle Harris


Team Name: Durham Joins Together to Save Lives
Vision: #Living Well, Drug Free, Bull City
Mission: Eliminate and prevent substance misuse through education, peer support and treatment

Goal: Eliminate substance misuse and overdose
Objective: By 2023 decrease EMS identified overdoses by 20%. 

By 2023 decrease ED identified overdoses by 20%


Goal: Create a continuum of support
Objective: By 2019 increase access to MAT by 100%Medication Overload

 Goal: Facility-based Detox Recovery Centers
Objective: Build a second facility by 2022.


Together for Resilient Youth is the prevention arm of DJT.